Cozy Fall Ceiling Designs For Living Room29
Cozy Fall Ceiling Designs For Living Room29

35 Cozy Fall Ceiling Designs For Living Room

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The first thing to think about is whether or not you want to add new fixtures to a room or whether you will simply replace an existing fixture. Replacing an existing fixture is easiest but it does limit you to the placement of your lights. This may not be an option if you found that your old lighting does not illuminate the areas of the room that you want.

Also, many rooms do not have existing overhead fixtures. If you will be doing any wiring, it can be a good idea to hire an electrician so that you can be sure they are wired in properly and that the work is done safely.

What room will the lighting be placed in and what do you use the room for? Is it a living room where you are trying to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere? Are you redoing a kitchen and are looking for task-specific lighting that will enable you to cut food and work productively?

The type of lighting that you choose can be an important factor. Track lighting can be an excellent choice for a room where you will be completing specific tasks. They use a track that holds several lights. The track can be straight or curved and often you can move the lights along the track. They can also be swiveled to direct the light at specific areas.

Recessed lighting is another option. The light fixture is tucked inside a can which is set up into the ceiling. You will need to cut holes in the ceiling to install these and you will also need to make sure that the light will fall on the areas you want. It can take some planning to get this style of lighting positioned correctly to achieve the effect you want.

Another option is a ceiling fan which serves multiple purposes. Many ceiling fans have lights incorporated into the center of the fan that can provide good general light for a room. Many people put them in bedrooms as they can be used to circulate air and regulate the temperature while keeping hydro bills down.

These are becoming increasingly popular as people look for an alternative to air conditioning units. There are different options as far as the number of blades, the color and the style and number of lights that are part of the fan.

You need to also think about the bulbs you will be using in your ceiling lights. There are some fixtures which are limited in the kinds of bulbs you can use, such as halogen recessed lighting. But most standard fixtures allow you to use one of several kinds of bulbs. They are incandescent, which emits a warm, yellow-toned light, fluorescent and halogen.

Light given off by halogen lights tends to be cooler with a blue tone. This can be something to consider when you are deciding what feeling you want for your room.

Using ceiling lights can add to the design of your room. It can create a certain feeling in a room, making it feel warm and intimate or cool and businesslike. From recessed lights to track lights to ceiling fans and more, there is such a huge range of options that you will need to do a bit of research to find what suits you best.


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