Cool Porch Design Ideas With Fireplace You Will Totally Love26
Cool Porch Design Ideas With Fireplace You Will Totally Love26

38 Cool Porch Design Ideas With Fireplace You Will Totally Love

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Can you imagine anything better than sitting under the stars and enjoying the beauty and warmth of a hot roaring fire? With the effort today to spend more time outdoors, it is becoming harder to imagine a well designed patio or porch without an outdoor fireplace nearby.

Since there are many different styles and sizes of outdoor fireplaces available, everyone can have one in their backyard regardless of whether you desire to spend a little or spend a lot. An outdoor fireplace can be as simple as a fire pit dug in the ground or complex as a massive stone fireplace designed and constructed by the best stone mason in the country.

A fire pit means different things to different people. As I mentioned before, it can be a simple hole dug in the ground in which you place your logs to keep them where you want them to stay. You can also purchase fire pits made of cast iron, copper or other materials that are portable and can be placed out of sight when not in use.

These manufactured fire pits usually come with some type of screen that covers the top of the pit to help keep flying embers from escaping the pit. Some fire pits also come with optional cooking racks which makes the pit more useful by allowing the cooking of items other than hot dogs and marshmallows.

If you desire something that looks more like a fireplace stove, these are available in free standing models that are also somewhat portable. Free standing stoves are usually made of cast iron and are commonly used in conjunction with a seating area where people can gather and enjoy the warmth of a more contained fire. Since these stoves have a chimney, the smoke is directed more upwards and away from people than an open fire in a fire pit thus making them more suitable for seating areas.

Of course, if your budget is not an issue, you can construct the granddaddy of all outdoor fireplace designs by building a massive stone fireplace. Since outdoor fireplaces are exposed to the elements, site built fireplaces are most commonly made of stone.

These fireplaces are usually massive in their design due to the somewhat limitless amount of space they occupy. As you can imagine, a small outdoor stone fireplace would look out of place against a large expanse of clear blue sky.

No matter which outdoor fireplace you choose to place in your outdoor living space, one thing is sure. You will spend many fantastic nights sitting by the warm fire, sipping your favorite beverage, and enjoying the company of family or a few close friends.


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