Modern Dining Tables That Looks Great In Small Space06
Modern Dining Tables That Looks Great In Small Space06

42 Modern Dining Tables That Looks Great In Small Space

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Although the days of sitting down together as a family at mealtimes seems long gone there are still a lot of people who like to maintain this tradition as it’s often the only chance for everyone to talk about their day, bring up any issues they may have, and gives the perfect opportunity to find out what your children are thinking and doing! Weigh up the difference between a family dinner at a beautiful oak dinner table where everyone is talking and enjoying each other’s company to sitting in front of the TV watching Coronation Street in silence, and there really is no comparison.

Families tend to be smaller these days and people opt to live in apartments and condos, so the idea of buying a dining table set might not appeal, however a small area doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice your dining options. A dining table brings with it lots of opportunities to entertain, socialize and meet with friends and relatives for feasts and parties.

Even if you only have a small space in which to fit modern dining tables it’s possible to design it in such a way that you make the most of every inch available. Some research and careful planning, and choosing the right furniture, will give you a dining spot that is small but beautiful.

Once you have made the decision to buy yourself a lovely new piece of furniture, then the first thing to do is to measure the space, make sure to allow space for the table and chairs, enough to let people sit comfortable and not all squashed up against the walls, and get past each other without a fuss.

There are certain things you can do to make a room look bigger, one of the cheapest and easiest is to put up mirrors as this tricks the eye into thinking it’s an extension of the room! Keep it nice and simple; just have the bare necessities there such as the dining table and chairs. Bookcases, sideboards and console tables will just make the space look smaller and cluttered.

What size and shape table you buy all depends of course on the area you have, if it is a long rectangle then a round table won’t fit, a long narrow one will look much more efficient and be more practical, you don’t want guests having to squeeze past other guests to get to their chair!

If you don’t actually have a dining room, just an area that’s an extension of the living room, then a small round table tucked in the corner might be sufficient and won’t take up too much space, look out for oak furniture styles that are balanced on a pedestal instead of legs as they allow you to have the opportunity of adding extra chairs around the table when you need to make room for more guests.

Or benches are always a good idea too if you go for a long rectangle-shaped table as they take up less space, and more people can sit if necessary. As well as taking up less room they add to the clean, organized look of the room and create an open, airy space.

Round dining tables tend to open a space up a bit more than other shapes and due to its roundness there are no sharp corners to contend with so more people can generally get around it than other types. There’s also more walk around space too helping to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is, and as it only takes up the centre of the room it lets you fit in a small corner cupboard or hutch.

It’s not that difficult to make a room look nice without drawing attention to the fact that it’s on the small side, check out extending dining table sets for variety and prices.


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