Fascinating Yard And Patio Furniture For Fall Decor Ideas31
Fascinating Yard And Patio Furniture For Fall Decor Ideas31

35 Fascinating Yard And Patio Furniture For Fall Decor Ideas

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If you have ever been to an outdoor restaurant, you have seen patio heaters. They are used to keep the whole family warm on cool spring, summer, and fall nights. There are many ways that you can heat your patio with or without an open flame.

Propane or Gas Heat

One of the most popular ways to heat your patio is with a tall patio heater, just like what you see at your favorite outdoor restaurants. They work with propane tanks or an exterior gas line. If you have an exterior gas line attached to your house, you might need to extend the line to reach the heater, because you do not want to set it up right next to your house. You can also attach it to propane tanks.

Patio Heater Cover

If you decide to buy a tall patio heater, you can buy a cover for it so it is not damaged in the weather. You can buy these heaters that are floor models, just like the commercial ones in the restaurant. Or, you can buy a outdoor heater that stand on a table top.

Add a Fire Bowl for Heat Closer to the Ground

When you add one patio heater, you might even want to buy a second one, so you can have a few areas that are warm. Depending on the size of your patio, you might even want to buy a fire bowl or fire pit so you can have warmth a little closer to the ground.

Because heat rises, these tall heaters do not heat close to the ground. They will keep your warm, but when you pair one or two with a fire bowl, you will not have any opportunity to get cold outside.

Patio Heater Benefits

There are benefits of having a tall patio furniture heater that runs on propane. If your community does not allow fire bowls or decorative elements with open flames, you can use a these heaters to keep your patio warm at night. They are also safe for children and pets, because neither can reach the heating element. You will need to be sure that children and pets stay away from the propane tanks, but many of the these heaters actually have a spot for the propane to sit inside of the patio heater.

When you want a safe and traditional way to heat your back yard patio, add a patio heater.


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