Hottest Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Dream House47
Hottest Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Dream House47

49 Hottest Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Dream House

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Feeling a bit artsy fartsy the last few days? You might be itching for something that you might have seen or have envisioned. Designing a room may seem like an easy task but for hardcore and serious homeowners who want to make good investments out of their homes, it pays to study a little bit about home decor. Books, magazines and visiting various properties can fill the mind with the best options for a truly majestic personal space. Some people even take cues from art and nowadays, and it seems like modern art is resurfacing.

Modern Art, What? – Do not be confused. In the art world, modern art is the period significantly prior to our “modern” times. It is actually a period in art from the 1860s to 1970s. It was during this time when experimentation was at its peak and the artists who emerged became the new masters for the contemporary artists of our time.

From the pointillism of Seurat, cubism of Picasso, the hazy landscapes of Van Gogh to Manet’s crossing lines of nudity and vulgarity, art has become modern. Add to that Degas, Delacroix and many other designers on both sides of the Atlantic. We recognize modern art as a time when artists truly experimented with inspirations, materials, methods and styles. The question is how these apply to your wall décor.

Easy Solutions for Modern Wall Art

Now, unless you have gazillions for a Matisse or an authentic Picasso, you have to settle with some simple ways to get some modern flair out of your wall. You need to choose a wall. It could be a tall wall by the corridor or a prominent wall by the living room. This will be your focal point.

Art prints- reproduction art printing companies can produce prints of various popular paintings and send to you framed and ready to hang. This is easiest and least expensive way of getting your favorite artists in the modernist era to be on your wall. When choosing a piece, you might want to consider the prevailing color scheme of the room. This is an ideal way to ensure that the home decor will look seamlessly with your sofa, walls and floor.

Make your own modern art- there are companies that offer services to print photos onto fabric or canvas. Express yourself all you want with the prints, the style and appeal to make them look fancy and attractive. You can even slash the fabrics and piece them together to create a lovely tapestry of different prints. Another option is to take modern and contemporary prints and combine them together in a unique manner.

Make your sofa a piece of modern art. Imagine, your throws are clothed with prints from Gustav Klimt while the whole sofa cover is inspired by Van Gogh. Go crazy with prints but it would be best to make them work together so that they will not clash too much and cause an unsightly look for your home decor.


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