Lovely Country Style Winter Decoration Ideas28
Lovely Country Style Winter Decoration Ideas28

40 Lovely Country Style Winter Decoration Ideas

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If you have a country home, then you definitely need some country style curtains to spruce up the look of your home. Country style curtains are however, not reserved for country homes only; you can create a theme in your home that allows you to use the type of curtains you want, including country designs.

Such curtains will give your abode that old world charm, quite opposite from a modern flare. Please consider the following tips when you start shopping for your country style curtains.

Think of what colors you already have

When buying them, you must bear in mind what hue the rest of your furniture is. If you need a sharp contrast, then you might want to go for white country style curtains. They will most definitely match with the rest of your décor and make your windows stand out. If stark contrasts are not your kind of thing, then you might want to use warm earth colors.

Let your fabric control the lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect of your home. Depending on which part of the house you are decorating and how much light you need to let in, you must pick out your curtain fabric very carefully. If you decide to go for lacy or sheer country style curtains, then you will have a very brightly lit room, because these materials are transparent. The neutrally colored fabrics earlier mentioned lend warmth to the light, while woven fabric or even insulated country curtains block out light, making the room dark.

Choose your style right

There are several styles of country curtains to choose form. Some of these include swags, prairies, valances, tiers and even fishtails. Remember that you are choosing a style that matches your personality as well as appeals to you before anyone else.

Buy more than just drapes

When buying these, you want to buy more than just the curtain itself. This will help you change to a new look often, especially for various seasons. You better buy a variety of treatments and layering fabrics to help you achieve this.

Buy insulated/layered curtains

These are not just a great buy, but also a great bargain. Why? Well, they allow you to trap in heat, especially when it gets cold in the winter. During the hot summer, they are insulated and they will block out excess heat.

Take advantage of the lining

Country style curtains with linings give a uniform and organized look from the street; someone viewing from outside gets a pleasant surprise when they enter your home.

Pay attention to the window

Remember your window benefits or doesn’t from the curtains you use. Prints and solids are great for a catchy looks, while softer colors just blend in easily.

Accessorize your look

Your country style curtains may look amazing, but you can still add a bit of dash to them by using fashionable rods and hooks on them.

Get creative

When buying country style curtains, you should not hold back your creative instincts. Let go and see how beautiful your room can look.

Do Your Homework

Country curtains are easy to find, but you must do your homework to find unique patterns and good fabrics. Compare prices from various online stores to get a good bargain and ask for custom-made if you feel you need them.


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